2019-2020 Staff

Rut Bansal

News Reporter, Photographer

Rut Bansal is a rising junior at Amador Valley High School. She will be the Broadcast Editor in her journalism class next year. She is the Director of Publicity and Co-Founder of the nonprofit Students For Social Change. She is...

Sammie Dostart-Meers

Multimedia Reporter, Social Media Editor

Sammie Dostart-Meets is a rising sophomore at Menlo School, is a current staff writer for the Bay Area student magazine, Fast Forward. Sammie competes in her school's Model UN program as well as Stanford University's League of Creative Minds. She aims to spread awarene...

Erin Drumm

News Reporter, Photographer

Erin Drumm is a rising senior at St. Basil Academy in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. She aims at improving the world through her writing by advocating for women’s rights and the rights of the autistic community. Outside of journalis...

Lakshanyaa Ganesh

News Reporter, Social Media Producer

Lakshanyaa Ganesh is a rising senior and will be an Opinion Editor on Monta Vista High School's publication El Estoque, in Cupertino, California. Outside of journalism, her hobbies include playing her guitar, writing, hanging...

Eugene Halim


Eugene Halim is a proud member of Team Backstory. Coming into his junior year, he strives to re-establish the school publication at his high school in Indonesia. Dogs, music and good sushi are his favorite things, but he dreads...

Hannah Ziouani

Field Reporter

Hannah Ziouani is a field reporter for Team Backstory.